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Personal Fitness

GlideTrak™ Body Unweighted Fitness workouts can take you to new levels of conditioning.  The GlideTrak™ fits over your existing treadmill converting it instantly to an Unweighted Training System. Imagine running faster than your treadmill or lifting your feet to pause… Imagine running on the moon!


Run Hard, Run Long, Run Unweighted

  • Have you stopped running or think you should because your knees, feet, hips or back hurt or because of extra body weight?  Let GlideTrak put the fun back into your running and eliminate painful joint impact with its unique unweighting system.  Achieve new fitness goals, challenge yourself to any exercise intensity and experience running or walking like never before.  YES, YOU CAN RUN AGAIN WITH GLIDETRAK™!

Keep Running, Stay Fit, Lose Weight, Have Fun!

  • Good for everyone
  • Run or Walk with super human grace and speed
  • Leave as much of your body weight behind as feels good to you

Aspire to New Levels

The GlideTrak™ is a revolutionary physical trainer that explosively enhances the walking and running ability of every user by unweighting their bodies.  Whether you are young or old, athletic, at peak fitness or recovering from injury, GlideTrak™will help you reach your goals.  Enjoy the option of gentle exercise…or go ahead and challenge yourself to the highest level workout.  Your choice.  Endorphins included!

Beyond Low Impact

GlideTrak™ workouts are beyond low impact, allowing clients to reduce weight bearing until pain free exercise is achieved.  This is a perfect alternative for those who experience pain from cycling and elliptical training or those limited to walking on the treadmill.

GlideTrak™ is an ideal cross-training workout for runners, cyclists or fitness enthusiasts of any level.   See why HERE…

GlideTrak™ Body Unweighted Running or Walking allows longer and higher level cardio workouts than possible on the treadmill.  That translates to faster weight loss and easier weight control.   See why HERE…

Glidetrak™ allows for natural walking or running movements of the body to be reproduced  in a much safer environment than an open treadmill.  See why HERE…..