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Professional Evaluations

TopProfessional Evaluations

“Once again, I had amazing results with a patient today. I am really appreciating the motor learning component which the GlideTrak™ provides (feeding the pattern when the body isn’t quite ready to perform the complex task of walking without assistance).” Michaela Begg MSPT, Neurological Rehabilitation, Asante Medical System, Medford, Oregon.

Body Unweighted Therapy and Exercise is so important to therapeutic outcomes that it absolutely needs to be made accessible to as many clinics as possible. GlideTrak makes accessibility practical. Dr. Nancy Byl is Professor and Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science in the School of Medicine, Co-Director of the Graduate Programs in Physical Therapy 

GlideTrak allows for partial weight bearing therapy as does a therapy pool, but it also allows for sustained cardio workout plus joint movement unrestrained by water. It is an investment that has paid off with better knee and hip recovery therapy to our patients. Trevor, Clinical Director at Omega Sports Rehabilitation, Inc.

The more I am involved with training clients on the GlideTrak, the more I am amazed by the value of this incredible Body Unweighted Training System in therapy and sports.The amount of hip and leg motion, especially extension, and muscle strengthening achieved on the GlideTrak is a big plus for therapy as well as for all users, as it is greater than motion experienced during cycling, elliptical training, jogging or other exercise machines and very functional. I am also very pleased by the level of workout you can get.
GlideTrak offers the most consistent body support between steps leading to rapid gait improvements not always achieved with other, even more expensive unweighting systems. Also, the extra body support between steps allows pain free exercise in situations where antigravity machines may not. Thankfully, GlideTrak is affordable so that everyone, not just elite training and therapy centers, can enjoy the benefits. Cindy Powell, MPT, ATC, STS, Owner of Active Choice Physical Therapy, Inc.

GlideTrak provides the support to let our stroke patients feel confidence against falling while gait training. They can move faster and safer than in a walker, and we can access limbs to assist. Gait correction outcomes are greatly accelerated (on GlideTrak). George Scott, Rogue Valley Medical Center, Outpatient Physical Therapy Dept.

I have seen a post polio survivor run for the first time in 55 years on our GlideTrak. That experience alone justified our purchase. Sandy Olney, Director, Adaptive Sports Partners of the North, Formerly, Director, Breton Woods Adaptive.

As a therapist, I can see endless applications for the GlideTrak: lower extremity injury or surgery recovery, core strengthening, balance training, general gait training, and it is very safe for patients to use, especially with the shoulder harness. Ann, Physical Therapist, Waterford Assisted Living Facility, Medford, Oregon.

The GlideTrak was so comfortable because I felt supported and steady…I was able to go faster on the treadmill than I ever had before and I went for a half hour solid. That is more exercise than I ever get. Lisa, bilateral amputee, double hip replacement, Dominica Hospital volunteer therapy staff.

I see the GlideTrak as an important step forward to our patient services, applying safe, unweighted gait training across a wide range of pathologies. Andrea Martin, MPT, Dominica Hospital, Santa Cruz, CA.

Our GlideTrak is great. It applies to sports training and orthopedic or neurological rehabilitation very well, and we have been having good response from our clients. Last week we had a client with a c4/c5 injury who walks slowly with two canes walking normally for the first time in about a year. Elaine, Executive Director of Omega Sports Rehabilitation and Aquatic Center, Los Gatos, CA.

GlideTrak is beneficial for a wide range of patients from Parkinson’s, MS, Stroke, Knee and Hip replacements…so pretty exciting. We can now progress patients from our pool therapy program at about 20% weight bearing to almost 100% here. Also this eliminates the distraction of falling. Julie, PTA at Vassona Creek Healthcare Center, Los Gatos, CA.

I have seen GlideTrak unweighting shorten recovery times for post operative Knee Replacment, Hip Replacement, and all manner of knee and foot surgeries. It allows for longer training periods for athletes, and I really enjoy the challenge of the workout. Mitch Fields, owner Wellness Partners, Sacramento, CA. 916-987-4873.

What I like especially is the GlideTrak because I can get people who are rehabilitating up and walking using their muscles, increasing the range of motion of their hips and knees much faster than they would when they are in the parallel bars or a walker. People who’ve had fractured hips, total hips, knee replacements, fractures of the tibia or femur that can’t take full weight bearing are able to get up vertical, move the joints and extend the joints completely and also completely exercise the muscles. I just believe that this is an excellent method of increasing motion, increasing strength. It helps people psychologically because they are up and vertical and actually moving. I feel it really has an excellent place in our rehabilitative environment. Dr. Gordon Levin, Orthopedic Surgeon, Los Gatos, CA

The GlideTrak has proven to be a great asset to my operation and it’s offerings for helping folks with neurological challenges. I’ve had many great successes while using the GlideTrak in the past couple of months:
1.A client who’s had ongoing issues after a stroke, was not able to walk from a midline orientation with good stability. He used the GlideTrak for a few weeks and has now graduated to walking without it on the treadmill. We also saw how his improvement from training with the GlideTrak carried over to using a vertical climber.
2.Another client with multiple sugeries had restraints in his entire system playing out in his gait pattern, compromising his balance and overall stability. He had been through all kinds of rehab with very little change. Because we were able to break down the restraining patterns in the system through NeuroPhysics and then use the GlideTrak to give him the right amount of support to re-establish and re-educate the brain of its proper bilateral equalness during gait, he’s walking so much better and continuing to improve.
3.Yet another client who has a semi paralyzed leg left after back surgery, has used the GlideTrak to get the sense of normal gait from her midline in order not to favor one side. She has begun to stronger innervation the semi-paralyzed side since using the GlideTrak.
So these are just a few exciting examples of folks benifitting from the GlideTrack here in my clinic. Their are others but these are the predominant that come to mind. . Jill Runion, PT Clinic Owner, Montana CA