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Cross Training

GlideTrak, Great Cross-Training for Running and Cycling

Ultimate Cross Trainer

Experience hours of powerful cross training on the GlideTrak™ at any desired training zone. Choose easy recovery workouts or go for high intensity, fat blasting interval training that can challenge even the most highly fit individuals.

TopCross Training for Runners
With GlideTrak™, all levels of exercisers can enjoy a truly low impact running experience!
  • Simulates the natural running motion and speed more closely than other exercise machine or pool running
  • Super low impact training days give joints and muscles relief and avert excessive wear and tear
  • Allows important recovery training days to maximize fitness
  • Allows longer and more high intensity workouts without risking injury
  • Allows even novice runners to complete longer distances such as marathons, without the same amount of training normally required to condition joints for miles of pounding
  • Avoids post exercise soreness and stiffness even after long or hard runs
  • Reduces reliance on knee and leg braces or expensive running shoes
  • Allows over speed training and running with a lengthened stride
  • Allows full intensity exercise even with sore knees, hips, backs, feet or muscles and helps to train right through these conditions
  • May extend valuable running careers and help preserve the ability to exercise for life
  • Great rainy day trainer
TopGLIDETRAK: Cross Training for Cyclists
The GlideTrak™ is an ideal cross trainer for cyclists, targeting muscle groups and joint motion most neglected by the limited range and repetitive nature of the pedal stroke.
  • Eliminates painful and damaging pressure to sensitive perineal and prostate tissues!
  • Targets major muscle groups, especially Hamstrings and other hip extensors, back extensors, core and postural muscles
  • Maximizes motion of the hip, knee and ankle, especially hip extension and elongates muscles
  • Promotes upright posture thereby removing pressure from sensitive hands, shoulders and neck
  • Allows superb aerobic conditioning, hill climbing, power training and efficient workouts
TopGLIDETRAK: Cross Training for Fitness Enthusiasts
The GlideTrak™ is ideal for those wanting to ramp up their exercise program.
  • Great for those needing a more comfortable, yet highly aerobic exercise
  • Provides a greater total body workout than other machines
  • Ideal for those experiencing a little knee, hip, foot, back or muscle soreness and need pain free exercise, or better yet, exercise that works the soreness right out
  • Helpful to those wanting to run or exercise longer or harder without taking a toll on their body
  • Fun for exercisers who are tired of the same old machines and want something new and highly motivating!
TopGLIDETRAK: Cross Training Advantages
The GlideTrak™ promotes more functional and sport-specific carry over to running sports than bicycling, elliptical trainers or pool exercise.
  • Cycling and elliptical training are limited by the shortened and repetitive arc of closed chain only motion
  • Cycling and elliptical training still allow grinding and compressive forces at the hip and knee joints that are measured to be as high as stair climbing and lunges
  • Pool exercise is altered by buoyancy and slowed by water resistance
  • The GlideTrak™ allows both open and closed chain running motion, unrestricted speed and stride length
  • The GlideTrak™ does not alter the effects of gravity on the body; it merely removes impact and greatly reduces compressive forces across the foot, ankle, knee, patellofemoral, hip and low back joints