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Dreams Can Come True with GlideTrak™

GlideTrak™ offers truly exciting, Body Unweighted mobility and exercise for Adaptive Sports, Recreation, PE and School Therapy programs. Until now, it has often been difficult for persons with disabilities to achieve effective exercise on indoor machines or even use treadmills. Options have traditionally been limited to seated or wheelchair exercise. Now, GlideTrak™ offers the first access for many to upright and effective treadmill exercise.

Freedom to Walk and Run

THE KEY is the unparalleled support of GlideTrak’s™ unique suspension seat which provides complete unweighting between steps for highly effective exercise beyond other machines. GlideTrak™ can empower any patient who can stand, even with assistance, to walk or run for a truly fun experience.

Ideal for Adaptive Sports and Recreation

GlideTrak™ offers many new outreach opportunities that can make Adaptive Sports, Therapy and Exercise accessible and attractive to a wider community of participants including:

Above and Below Knee Amputations

  • The unique GlideTrak™ seat support between steps easily allows upright running
  • Removes shearing or impact at skin/socket interface and protects uninvolved leg
  • This is especially exciting for amputees, many of whom can become powerful, fast runners
  • Amputees can even walk on the GlideTrak™ with or without a prosthetic leg

Joint Impairments or Deformities

  • Imagine what it feels like to run on a GlideTrak™ at only a fraction of your own body weight without painful impact
  • Examples: Injuries, Painful Conditions, Arthritis, Joint Replacements, Aged and Congenital Conditions

Neurological Conditions

  • With GlideTrak™ Body Unweighting, many patients are able to move faster than the limitations of their pathologies to improve gait or running speed, motor control, smoothness and recovery
  • Examples: Post-Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury and certain individuals with Cerebral Palsy

Overweight or Obese

  • Helps overcome limited walking and exercise ability due to joint pain, range of motion loss or endurance
  • Ideal solution for overweight older kids and teenagers as well as adults

Earlier Stage Diabetes or Peripheral Vascular Disease

  • With GlideTrak™, take charge of health in earlier stages to prevent or delay disease advancement

Injured Veteran’s and Soldiers

  • With any of the above conditions

Cancer Survivors

  • Needing gentle and enjoyable mobility and exercise to enhance recovery and life long exercise


  • Promotes fun, dynamic group activity, exercise and socialization opportunities

Need for Healthy Activity Level

  • Fun and motivating activity for older kids, teens and adults struggling with healthy activity levels
  • Ideal solution for those having difficulty finding or accessing effective modes of aerobic exercise

Transition to Outdoor GlideCycle™

  • Adaptive sports participants may find that they do so well on the GlideTrak™ that many are able to transition to the freedom and joy of their own outdoor GlideCycle™.

Adaptive P.E, School and Therapy Programs

The GlideTrak™ is an entirely new and important innovation for older kids and teenagers in need of mobility enhancement, therapy and exercise. Most young people who are unable to run or do not enjoy exercise actually love the Unweighted Walking and Running experience on the GlideTrak™ and prefer it to regular running. They adapt quickly and easily and are eager to experience something fun and new. Additionally, the need to assist our Nation’s overweight kids and teenagers has never been greater and GlideTrak™ is here with a Body Unweighting solution.

Fun Factor

The great benefit of this type of training is, of course, that all ages, including kids, teens and adults love it!