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For years, clinical studies have demonstrated that partial weight bearing treadmill training can assist patients with neurological conditions, especially post-stroke and Parkinson’s in improving their walking ability and speed.  The key is the ability to walk with a corrected gait pattern at fast enough speeds to stimulate brain neuroplasticity, the reconnecting or rebuilding of new neural pathways.  Observed gait improvements during partial weight bearing treadmill training have been profound:

  • Reduced drop foot, corrected hip circumduction and enhanced stride
  • Increased walking speeds of up to 51%
  • Improved arm swing, trunk rotation and overall smoothness of movement
  • Improvements that carry over to walking on ground for hours to days


The ability to tap into the plasticity of the brain and encourage motor learning is the key to any neurological rehabilitation program. The GlideTrak’s unique unweighting technology takes Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training to new levels. Enabling neurological patients to work longer and more comfortably, the result of neurological rehabilitation with the GlideTrak is greater progress when practicing skills needed for standing and walking.  The key is training without weight to move rapidly and as correctly as possible without the burdens of gravity reinforcing compensatory behaviors that can actually inhibit functional recovery.  After some practice unweighted in the pelvic support system, walking practice with the balance or safety harness will embed functional gains through practice.  It is best to train as long as possible at least once in the morning and once at night.


In the past, this type of therapy was only available with expensive and uncomfortable harness systems which can restrict normal walking gait or speed and have such limited unweighting capabilities that sustained aerobic exercise is virtually impossible.  Other unweighting products have limited support and are cost prohibitive.


GlideTrak™ offers an effective, convenient and affordable way to bring these benefits to your patients.  In the words of UCSF Medical School chair emeritus, Dr. Nancy Byl, “The Glidetrak belongs in our clinic, and in every rehabilitation clinic that can access it.”


With GlideTrak™, the patient is supported in a unique, patented pelvic suspension system that comfortably unweights the patient to any desired amount.  The complete support of the seating system between each step is the KEY advantage that allows patient outcomes above and beyond other unweighting systems.


SAFETY AND STABILTY: With the shoulder stabilizing strap, patients feel safe, secure and able to concentrate on the task of walking or multi-tasking

ABILITY TO TRAIN HARDER, FASTER AND LONGER: Versus standard walkers or parallel bars that require significant upper body, shoulder, arm and hand strength which are often compromised

HANDS ON ACCESS TO PATIENTS: Therapists or caregivers can correct or facilitate a patient’s gait with a hand assist to the moving legs or by the use of elastic bands to “automate” aspects of the gait cycle

ACCESS TO EFFECTIVE MOBILITY AND EXERCISETherapeutic and fitness exercise for seniors or geriatric patients on the GlideTrak Body Unweighted Gait Trainer

An important advantage to GlideTrak™  is that many patients are able to experience critical weight bearing aerobic exercise far sooner than possible any other way.  This is the first upright, effective exercise for many of these patients, even those who never expected to walk or run again.  Imagine the freedom, joy and health benefits of unrestricted movement and exercise.


Although GlideTrak is used by therapists in hospitals and clinics, it is also affordable and very effective for home therapeutic exercise programs for recovering patients.   UCSF Medical School is showing patient retain more functional recovery with BWSTT workouts daily.    GlideTrak  in-home, therapeutic walking exercise makes it possible for clients to train as often as they would like, and may advance functional gains and recovery faster and more completely.

TopGlideTrak Applications: Neuro 
GlideTrak Big Walk Program for Parkinson's Gait Training

Click Photo For Parkinson’s Big Walk Program Page

Parkinson’s  GlideTrak Big Walk Program 

BIG WALK is a powerful Gait Training  Program designed for gait training. . Patients with Parkinson’s Disease have actually been able to move fast and smooth enough to walk away with observable reductions in stiffness and rigidity.

Only GlideTrak BIG WALK training combines an intense aerobic workout with the simultaneous practice of fast walking with big steps, proper posture, arm swing and balance.

Regular BIG WALK training improves your gait and posture, proven to reduce symptoms such as stiffness and tremors, increases balance, endurance and strength, and improves your overall fitness and sense of well-being.

Learn how GlideTrak BIG WALK training can take your Parkinson’s exercise program to the next level.

GlideTrak For Stroke Exercise and Gait Training

Click Photo for Stroke Page

Post Stroke 

Following a stroke, partial weight bearing treadmill training encourages the brain to re-learn the paretic limb’s original function, rather than rely on compensation from the uninvolved limb. Glidetrak™ stimulates this form of “relearning” and enhances gait.

Multiple Sclerosis

Patients have been able to walk and run without the limitations, limping or dragging of a weakened limb.

Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries

Allows movement, exercise and normalized gait with necessary support and facilitation to weakened muscles

Traumatic Brain Injury

Patients have actually taken their first steps in years on the GlideTrak™ thanks to the unique seat support

Post Polio Syndrome, Peripheral Neuropathy, Mild Cerebral Palsy

GlideTrak™ has also been used successfully by patients with these conditions and others