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Sports Injury Rehabilitation




Reduce time required for Sports Injury Rehabilitation and maintain conditioning regimen.

Imagine what it feels like to run at a fraction of your own body weight! GlideTrak™ makes cutting edge, unweighting technology used by professional sports teams, elite training centers and top physical therapy clinics easily affordable and accessible to your injured athletes now!


Remove Harmful Impact

  • Protects injuries and surgical repairs throughout rehabilitation
  • Promotes pain free exercise

Speed Up Recovery from Sports Injuries

  • Allows “Active Recovery” with safe, increased exercise volume vs. disuse
  • Athletes can train through injuries

Maintain Top Fitness Levels During Recovery

  • Begin conditioning even before safely able on a stationary bike or in a pool

Gain the Advantage of Earlier Treatment

  • Begin safe, pain free gait training and running sooner with GlideTrak™ Unweighting
  • Begin exercising before incisions have healed for the pool

Meet Doctor’s Orders for Weight Bearing

  • Easily meets orders for Touch-Down, Partial or Weight Bearing as Tolerated
  • Also allows well-leg training, while protecting injured leg

Pain Free Weight Bearing Progression

  • Simple strap or treadmill incline/decline features allow precise unweighting to comfort
  • Patients are able to progress from minimal to moderate weight bearing status as tolerated

Restore Running Ability Sooner

  • Allows early restoration of running form by minimizing the stress of impact to sensitive or weakened tissues
  • Simulates running more closely than bicycling or other exercise machines

Natural Movement

  • More natural transition to running motion than from a pool, bicycle or elliptical machine
  • Allows gravity to challenge the body without buoyancy or slowing from water resistance
  • GlideTrak™ does not change the external environment or eliminate forces of gravity: It simply reduces impact

Earlier Speed and Power Training

  • Allows earlier return to speed and power training with less soreness and stress to recovering tissues.

Cross Training and Active Recovery

  • Provides optimal cross training and active recovery days.
  • Train harder, faster, longer and more often without the risks of excessive joint impact

Get More Conditioning and Performance Out of Larger Athletes

  • Especially football linemen
  • Effective for off-season weight loss or building a preseason endurance base
  • More comfortable on joints and enhances running experience

Progression to Outdoor Exercise

  • Athletes may progress from indoor GlideTrak™ training to outdoor exercise on the GlideCycle™
  • Injured athletes may condition outdoor with teammates and feel included in practices

  • Post-operative hip, knee, leg or ankle rehabilitation
  • Anterior knee pain syndromes, Chondromalacia, Patellar Tracking problems
  • Tendinopathies, Bursitis
  • Ligament or joint injuries
  • Muscle strains and contusions
  • Turf Toe, Heel Pain, Metatarsalgia, Plantar Fasciitis
  • Various back or hip conditions

  • Over Speed Training
  • Stride lengthening and enhancement
  • Power training with brake-resisted explosive starts and hill training
  • Recovery training days
  • High knee running
  • Reciprocal bounding (long jump approaches)
  • Double leg bounding
  • Single leg training